eGift Card

Purchase eGift Card

Purchased eGift Cards are sent to you via email within an hour of being ordered. You will receive an email confirmation that your eGift Card was sent. If you want to purchase an eGift Card for someone else, then you will need to forward the eGift card email to the recipient.


Redeem eGift Card

To redeem your eGift Card, select "Use JA eGift Card" on the payment page at checkout. Then, type your eGift Card code into the field.


Returns paid with eGift Card

If items purchased with an eGift Card are returned to our warehouse, a new eGift Card in the amount of the credit will be automatically emailed to you. If two or more pay methods were used for the purchase, then the credit card will be refunded first followed by the eGift Card.


Please note that eGift Cards cannot be returned or exchanged.