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A retail fashion app where you can: 

✓ Create any fashionable pieces that ship to your door. 

✓ Vote on nearly everything from designs/sketches, fabrics, brand names, labeling & packaging, landing page layouts, models, hair & makeup styles,  cinematography, photoshoots, brick and motor styles, marketing content, influencers, and more.

✓ Commenting and profiles available on app. 

✓ Turn yourself into an online avatar and place on clothes that you’d like to buy, try them on in website! 

◦ Invest in making a fashion store right from the beginning! 

◦ Never been done before!

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Want your chance at being our Brand's Ambassador?

Share information about your yourself and your social media accounts.

Share our content to those accounts & tag us @jadedaffairs for better odds of being chosen.

We are also looking for supporters of our site.

Expertly curated, affordably priced to fit your every need.

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Invest In an "Once In A Lifetime Opportunity"

Invest In Building of Our App With a $12.99 Purchase (Become an Ambassador)










Opportunity To Have Purchases From a Site With The Potential To Have +75,000 Listed Products + Exclusive Designs, Hundreds Of Brand Deals - Already Locked In: 


All of you have to do? - Mostly, just share web browser links. 

 100,000+ US Retailers On Board - Guaranteed 


"The global ecommerce market is expected to hit US$5.55 Trillion is 2022, marking a huge opportunity for brands selling online to expand internationally." 


It's just $12.99 to become an ambassador to get your own discount code.


To raise money for the Jaded Affairs app and yourself:


Using your first name and last initial + JADEDAFFAIRS40, your discount code  will be workable within 24 hours after purchase, automatically.


You can start sharing it, right after.


Quick & easy, pay out available.


Be able to buy the haute couture clothing on our website/app, once app is fully launched.


Average cost of clothing, accessories, and shoes will be $150 or lower.


Keep 50% of your sales. (Or to be determined.)


Turn $12.99 into $50k - Sell fashion from your home today.


Seeking funding for building our Jaded Affairs app with the haute couture developed designs.


Again, what you get?


Your name + Last Initial + JADEDAFFAIRS40 = Personalized Discount Code

Your Personalized - Authenticated Discount Code
True Transparency – Guaranteed 


Onboarding Steps: 

1. Follow Our Instagram @jadedaffairs  


2. Start Influencing Sales & Scouting Ambassadors (Optional) 


Create Content, and/or Shareable By Word Of Mouth.


For existing Ambassadors, click this link to sign up to receive pay out for your orders: 



Once We Hit Our Investment Goals, We Will Re-Launch The Website With All Products And Marketing Done. 


No standing outside of buildings or parking lots, and private property/residences. (Soliciting) 



US Provisional Business Patent Filing:


Buy the Jaded Affairs's - Ambassadors Package below now: 

Who's Approved?

Men & Women: Ready to indulge in our meticulously crafted selection of fashion items, designed to appeal to individuals with a bold eye for exquisite.

What's Your Money Used For?

  • Website Design
  • Product Inventory - From Linesheets (Interactive - Voting On Best Looks In Our FB Group)
  • Development of app and VR features
  • Hiring of Employees:
  • Photo Shoots (Photographer) & Stylists 
  • Designers - In-Exclusive & Exclusive 


6 months to 1 year to complete fundraising starting today.

Subjected to change.**

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Amour Of Demure

What does it mean to have, a modest fashion sense?

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See teams build your collections.

Hours of interactive video content and streaming, from the designers, right to your phone.

Shopping Page

An ambient moving experience, log in, go straight from designing into our shopping experience, to one click checkouts.

Everything from casual to haute couture, ranging MRSP of $5 to $20,000. 

Find the perfect item for your events. 

Made by professional designers & backed by thousands of creators/users.


Deidré Heir

A section with similar features as Jaded Affairs, launched afterwards, Deidre Heir is an addition to our app that will let you narrow down features of architecture and interior design.

A fee of +$5 a month.

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  • Free Shipping In US & International

    Please allow up to 1 to 3 business days for your order to be processed. 

    Typical transit time is between 7 - 12 business days.

    View Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

    Shipping Policy 
  • No Returns, Except For Sizing Exchanges

    The customer is responsible for shipping costs for returns for exchanges. 

    View Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

    We can get you a brand new order if your package is lost. (If items are still, in stock.)

    Shipping Insurance

    Up to $200 of Coverage - Included

    Return Policy 

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Become The Model

By subscribing to our upcoming app of $19.99 a month, you will have an 3D online avatar that mirrors your appearance seamlessly & integrates with various items on our platform.

Try on or style as many looks as you can.

Discover a world of scents at your fingertips, our handpicked selection.

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